Cervical Smears

All women patients are entitled to have regular examination, including a cervical smear test. We offer this to all female patients as a routine three-yearly test, or more frequently if indicated.

The cervical smear test is undertaken by our female practice nurses by appointment.

Diabetes, Asthma, COPD and Heart Monitoring

These checks are offered to all relevant patients to monitor, control and manage their condition. Regular screening for these health conditions is undertaken by our practice nurses. Some clinics are combined with your doctor to monitor and manage. Health checks are encouraged and are by appointment only; they usually take between 10-20 minutes of your time.

Patients Suffering Drug Misuse

Patients are referred to this clinic via the Drug Dependence Unit. If you need any advice or help with drug dependence issues please book in for a routine appointment with a doctor to discuss further.

Counselling Service

We offer an in-house counselling service which the GP can refer you to.

Vaccination and Immunisation (including most Travel Vaccinations)

Childhood immunisations can be arranged by contacting us and we can find a mutual time to do these very important immunisations. Advice on which vaccinations you may need for your holiday and travel abroad is available from the practice nurses by appointment or over the phone. Please remember that certain vaccinations may need to be given over a period of weeks.

We offer a very competitive price for all travel vaccinations & some are in fact free of charge.

Flu Vaccinations and Pneumococcal Pneumonia Vaccinations:

We offer an annual flu vaccination and pneumococcal pneumonia vaccination programme to all at risk groups of patients commencing in mid-October. Advice is available from practice nurses, doctors and at reception.

Surgical Operations

We perform minor surgical operations on these premises. The operations are only by appointment after a consultation with a GP within the practice. The practice nurse will advise patients on pre and post-operation management.

Wound Services

Any wounds needing immediate attention will be directed straight away to either the doctor or nurse who will assess if they are suitable for this service or if they need to be seen at the hospital. If it is treated here, the wound will either be steri-stripped, glued or stitched as deemed necessary.

Antenatal Care and Midwives

All doctors provide both antenatal and postnatal care together with the community midwife. Please make an appointment to see the midwife between 6-10 weeks. (Contact details for them can be found under the tab on the left hand side named 'Midwives') These appointments are for 20-40 minutes. If you require to see the doctor at any time during your pregnancy please ask each time for a double appointment at reception.

Community Services

Health visitors are attached to the practice. Details on how to contact the health visitor are available at the reception desk. A team of community nurses and community psychiatric nurses are attached to the surgery. Please enquire at the reception desk for details.

Contraception and Family Planning

We offer a full family planning service including the fitting of diaphragms (the cap), contraceptive implants and IUCD (coils). When booking an appointment for either of these you will need to speak to one of the nurses to arrange a time when both GP and nurses are available together.

Palliative Care

Our palliative care liaison team members are Sharon Hadrys & Stephanie Stevenson and they will be happy to help with any questions you may have.

Lifestyle Changes

We can offer advice or refer you onwards with any lifestyle changes you wish to make, weight management, cutting down alcohol consumption and smoking cessation.

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