Appointment slot timings

Advice for patients

Re:- Appointment slot times & patient’s use of them

As you will no doubt be aware the NHS & General Practice are under a great deal of strain. At the Seven Dials Medical Centre we strive to ensure this does not impact on our patients & we try to ensure we allow everyone sufficient time to address their problems within reason.

Appointment slots are set to 10 minutes in order to accommodate as many patients as possible.

With respect we would like to request that patients bring a single problem to discuss per consultation or be mindful that we may not address everything that day.

Double appointments are available on request if multiple issues need discussion.

Storing up problems might feel like a helpful approach but this leads to others waiting longer for their appointments.

Many thanks in advance for your co-operation!

Dr P Meade, Dr R Torbati, Dr A Sadler & Dr J Corbett

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